Rotem Center

The Rotem Health Center on Kibbutz Dalia was founded 25 years ago by Reuven Ravid, of blessed memory - one of the first practitioners of Traditional Chinese Medicine in Israel. 

The Center provides solutions to various health problems through alternative medicine. The Rotem Health Center is comprised of professionals from various (alternative medical) fields: Traditional Chinese Medicine, Homeopathy, Chiropracty, Shiatsu, Feldenkreis, and the Vardi System. 

It offers therapy for a wide variety of health problems including digestion, the immune system, breathing problems, skeletal problems, skin diseases, gynaecological problems, and others. In addition, there is a special program for the treatment of children's problems, such as skin irritations, breathing problems, ear infections, and disturbances with attention and concentration. 

Treatments at the Rotem Health Center are officially recognized by the Israeli Ministry of Health/Kupat Holim and the insurance providers/companies. For information, call (04) 989-7442, or Hila  (054 - 6747581), or  Shay (054 - 6747642).

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